Dear Margaret, I would just like to say a big thank you for helping me overcome my anxienty. I feel as though a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
I will certainly recommend your services to anyone.

Best wishes, Sandra


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


CBT deals with the "here and now", how thoughts affect feelings, behaviour and physical symptoms.
This therapy focuses on current thoughts that affect behavior, feelings and physical health. When the meaning is negative, negative emotions result.

The therapist helps the client identify unhelpful thinking patterns that can bring about harmful or unhelpful behaviours and feelings.
An example of this would be; the avoidance of situations that make you feel anxious. This can become extreme and limit day-to day functioning.
The conditions that can b helped by applying CBT;

  • Anxiety conditions, including phobias, panic attacks, and panic disorder.
  • Depression Anger issues
  • Eating disorders PTSD and trauma related issues
  • OCD Relationship issues
  • Drug or alcohol problems Some sleep problems
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic Pain


What to expect during a session.
At the initial session a shared understanding of the problem can be identified and how the problem impacts on the person's thoughts, feelings, behaviours and emotions.

A treatment plan will be agreed, CBT is a collaborative therapy. The number of sessions will be agreed, homework will be discussed and any other issues.

CBT will give you tools to help problem solve, to adopt helpful coping strategies and to help you become motivated to change.

"People are upset, not by events or situations, but by the personal meaning that these have for them" Epicetus: 55AC-135AC, Essentially "We disturb ourselves"

CBT integrates "cognitive restructuring" with behaviour modification techniques of behavioural therapy as well as skills development, it is also psycho-educational, the skills learned can be applied whenever the need arises.

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