'After receiving 6 sessions of nlp, I believe I am much more in control of my life and my eating habits, I am now able to identify where my problems areas lay, and have a better understanding of my behaviour patterns. I have now made positive changes in my life and have lost over 8 stone which I believe nlp to have contributed to this weight loss.'

Anne Nisbet


NLP Neuro – Linguistic Programming.

NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience.

The name comes from
N; Neurology which is the study of the mind and how we think.
L; Linguistics which is the study of language and how we use it.
P; Programming which is the sequence of our actions and how we motivate ourselves to achieve our goals.


Neuro-linguistic programming is how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific desired outcomes.

NLP can break life time patterns of behaviour that can limit our lives
e.g. NLP can be successfully used for weight loss or for enhancing interview and presentation skills and for bringing about
self- development and change.

NLP is also about modelling excellence in order to duplicate that excellence in oneself.



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